Mason School of Art | Editor’s Choice for the Akron Poetry Series- Heather Green
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Editor’s Choice for the Akron Poetry Series- Heather Green

Editor’s Choice for the Akron Poetry Series- Heather Green

Assistant Professor Heather Green’s poetry book, No Other Rome, was published last month, as the Editor’s Choice for the Akron Poetry Series, from University of Akron Press.

In No Other Rome, the title’s o’s are islands (wholes) or holes, lacunae, aper- tures through which we view the past or future. The poems in this collection engage contemporary art and Modern literature, alongside texts from Clas- sical Greece and Rome, in an embodied, intertextual worry.

The poems ask what lasts—“please last”—and what might be the last (or, with an o, “lost,”) “time,” “auk,” or “breath” as we move away from twentieth-century concerns into an unpredictable future. When there is no Planet B, no other Troy to burn, these elegies, love poems, and meditations seek a song that could “in singing, change the seen.”

Heather Green’s work has already received high accolades.

To her great traditional subject, the limits of human life, Heather Green brings an impassioned, distinctive, and sometimes rowdy lyricism that explores the limits of language and the joys of that exploration.
—Robert Pinsky

You can purchase your own copy of No Other Rome, here.

To learn more about Heather Green visit her website, here.

Book Cover Credit: Greek Onyx Girl, by Kevin Francis Gray

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