Mason School of Art | George Mason University’s Senior Art + Design Show Opens Today May 9th
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George Mason University’s Senior Art + Design Show Opens Today May 9th

George Mason University’s Senior Art + Design Show Opens Today May 9th

George Mason University’s Senior Art + Design Show Opens May 9th

May 9th at the Art & Design Building, College of Visual and Performing Arts

FAIRFAX— Sixty-nine students graduating with bachelor’s degrees in Art and Visual Technology present their final work at the Senior Art & Design Show in George Mason University’s School of Art.

The exhibition opens at the Gillespie Gallery, Room 2044, 2046, and 2047 on Monday, May 9th from 10 AM to 9 PM. The exhibition will be on view through May 14th, concluding with a closing reception event on Saturday, May 14th, from 6 PM to 8 PM. Snacks and refreshments will be served at this reception.

Admission is free and open to the public. Parking for closing reception attendees will be free in Lot A, located between the Patriot Center and across the street from the Art & Design Building. Masks are encouraged at this event.

The Senior Art & Design Show spans graphic design, animation, video, performance, drawing, photography, painting, sculpture, fiber, fabric arts, installation, interactive, web-based works, and more.

Exhibiting Visual Artists

Sarvenaz Anissi, Linda Colagiovanni, Minney Chiu, Jin-Lee Colucci, Sonia Elmejjad, Katerina Forrest, Sierra Guard, Nina Haitz, Reina Hudspeth, Julien Martinez, Jordan Mayo, Karen Mejia, Jaishon Montgomery, Kayla Motley, Eiryn Mushisky, Violetta Nagy, Matthieu Neal, Apollo Nolan-Cintron, Olivia Offutt, Girasol O’Neil, Hale Peterke, Jess Pilgrim, Lecsi Pillar, Ivan Puplampu, Austin Roberts, Kylie Robinson, Elizabeth Rosales, Caiden Thompson, Wesley Walker, and James Ward.

Exhibiting Graphic Design Artists

Nikki Acord, Mariyae Alam, Ameer Ansari, Nadia Batchelor, Yana Belcher, Clare Brown, Carson Burke, Rose Curiel, Iskander Dambowic, Mary Jane DeCarlo, Sina Eghtedari, Hazar Elbayya, Zachary Feight, Danielle Foster, Toddre French, Miranda Galas, Dalia Gendi, Victoria Gillerlain, Maria Goodrick, Tatyana Green, Allison Kasekamp, Chaiyoon Kim, Jonathan Menendez, Kelly Miller, Emily Monseur, Anjali Nanda, Kerrigan Patterson, Tien Pham, Kristie Phan, Sophia Rider, Ariel Robinson, Andrew Savino, Drew Scull, Javen Ray Sotomil, Michael Sowell, Yen Tran, Jaylth Vargas, Alejandro Vargas Rodriguez, and JT Young.

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees address many issues facing the contemporary artist and aim to develop each student’s knowledge, critical thinking, and creative skills necessary to work in a rapidly changing global culture.

View the Art + Design Show here.

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