Mason School of Art | Art Across the Sea- Bella Steare
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Art Across the Sea- Bella Steare

Art Across the Sea- Bella Steare

Art Across the Sea

This summer there are quite a few Mason School of Art Faculty/ Students who are working on art Internationally!

Let’s highlight another amazing artist and the work she is doing.

If you are exhibiting and would like to share your work, DM us!

Artist Bella Steare has made her international debut with a solo exhibition in Iceland. In a show titled ‘Middle Ground’ it features art Steare made in residence at

According to Steare, “It was a pop-up show of the work I did during my residency at the Akureyri Art Museum. My exploration here has been on landscape identity and the influence of a local afforestation project on distance perception.

It’s a series still very much in progress that I will continue working on over the next few months.”

Head to IG to see her works and keep an eye out for updates. Incredible work as always @beastearey!

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