Mason School of Art | Andi Benge
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Andi Benge

Andi Benge
Graduate Lecturer
Art and Design Building; MSN: 1C3

My work 🐰 invites viewers 🤗 through the looking glass of reality 🌈 down the rabbit hole 😈 of my personal female 👄 psyche, a dreamworld 🍭 otherwise known as 🔪 ANDiLAND. 🧨 Working in several media, my campy paintings🎨, kitschy 💗 sculptures and mischievous ✨ videos create a whimsical 🧨🐇💋💗🌸💉🍩 wonderland 🌸 of immersive sensory overloads. 🐇 I interrogate 💄 the idea of women and violence ⚔️ through the lens of popular culture 💘 utilizing the language of 🎉 entertainment & simulacra. Exploiting 💉 the female “grotesque” 👄 I examine the superficial 🌈 construct of reality 🍩 and play with the voluptuous 🔥 danger lurking beneath the sticky 💋 sweet surface 🍰.