Mason School of Art | Brianna Ibañez
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Brianna Ibañez

Brianna Ibañez
Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

2050 Art and Design Building; MSN: 1C3
(703) 993 – 8898

Brianna Ibañez is an aspiring interior designer currently pursuing her BFA in Graphic Design at the George Mason University College of Visual and Performing Arts. She plans to pursue an MFA in Interior Design post-graduation. Drawing from her Filipino heritage, she loves working with found materials and getting creative to make something from what may seem like nothing to others. These interests and cultural understandings allowed Brianna to constantly experiment with new mediums and explore different techniques to create new narratives. Brianna is also intrigued by plant life and includes a pop of natural color in much of her work. She aims to create cohesive designs by valuing inclusivity and incorporating sustainability.

Brianna has designed logos, murals, room layouts, posters, tattoos, menus, stickers, and signage for herself and others. She is Adobe certified and has experience working with ProCreate. Brianna has worked as a Graphic Designer and Social Media Content Creator/Manager for Purée Artisan Juice Bar and Class 520 Ice Cream & Tea. She has also had multiple pieces displayed in art shows at George Mason. Brianna’s favorite mediums are ink, colored pencil, watercolor, and acrylic.

Brianna desires to become more expressive with her work and wants to practice with quick strokes and outline-free pieces. Aside from art, she spends her free time staying active, being with family, cooking, listening to music, and practicing self-care. After receiving her BFA in Graphic Design, she intends to become an Elementary School Art Teacher while working on her master’s degree.