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Meet the Mosaics

Meet the Mosaics

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The George Mason University School of Art has some exciting news: Introducing the new Marketing and Social Media Team for the Mason School of Art! We are The Mosaics and we are so excited to start producing content not only for students within the Mason School of Art but for the campus as a whole. Why are we called The Mosaics? As you may know, George Mason is an extremely diverse campus and we are all passionate about bringing the different pieces of the university together to make one big picture that accurately depicts the diversity and uniqueness we hear so much about. Each member of our team brings something different to the table. Whether it be graphic design or writing, we all come from different backgrounds and yet we ended up together for a reason. Now, let’s meet The Mosaics.

Figure 1- From Left to Right: Charlie, Alia, Nathalie, and Shawn

I’ll start by introducing myself! My name is Charlie Frager and I’m a freshman student in the Honors College. I’m an English major and the resident content writer for The Mosaics. I am very passionate about the impact that words have on the world and how important it is to properly tell someone’s story and tell it as truthfully as possible. Most of the work I do with this job isn’t from my mind, it’s from the people I meet, interview and observe; I just have to make it sound good! This job will be an amazing way for me to gain experience, both as a writer and a student and I can’t wait to grow with this team.

Next in our lineup is Alia Elmegary, a senior majoring in Graphic Design. She advanced her communication, interpersonal and networking skills during her internship at the MO4 network in Egypt. As a graphic designer, she creatively generates ideas to deliver the design concept and develops sketches from brainstorming to the final phase. With her international experience and bilingual skill, she would help break down barriers with the client and allow them to feel more comfortable and confident, as well as offer information and ideas in new ways.

Going down the line, we come to Nathalie Nguyen, a recent GMU graduate who studied Communications. Before her graduation, Nathalie handled all aspects of content creation with The Mosaics, from posting short videos to profiling students for Humans of SOA. Nathalie lives by the mantra, “content is king,” and she loves talking to people and finding their ‘story’ to share, inspire and impact other students.

And last, but certainly not least, we meet Shawn Malangyaon. Shawn is a junior transfer student from NoVA and is majoring in Communication Studies with a double concentration in Media Production and Public Relations. He is a film enthusiast and is interested in making short films to support The Mosaics and the Mason School of Art.

Be sure to follow us on all of our social media platforms to stay in the loop about upcoming on and off-campus events, as well as seeing student and faculty highlights and so much more that we are excited to introduce you to within the Mason School of Art!

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