Mason School of Art | Visual Voices: Tom Ashcraft
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Visual Voices: Tom Ashcraft

Visual Voices: Tom Ashcraft

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Workingman Collective: Navigating a Collaborative Practice.

Tom is an artist, educator, and founding member of Workingman Collective, a collaborative group of artists and range of professionals who move in and out of various projects. An interest in exploring the nature of collaboration and cooperation, invention, chance, and the public guides their practice. Projects move through stages from the collection of information to the construction of an object or situation to the participation of an audience. Typically participation alters the process, producing new information that is integrated into the art experience. Ultimately, their projects seek to generate environmental awareness, stimulate the re-identification of a population with its hometown history, and urge participants into strengthening relationships with their neighbors.

Tom and Workingman Collective have exhibited and produced work in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Awards include a National Endowment for the Arts Design Grant, Ford Foundation Fellowship, YADDO Fellowship, NY State Arts Grant, Washington DC Commission on the Arts Award, and Mabel Pew Grant.

Born in Long Beach California, raised in Nevada and Florida. Tom earned his MFA in Sculpture from Indiana University, BA from University of South Florida, and an AA from Miami Dade CC. He lives and works in both Washington DC and Western North Carolina.

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