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SoA Print

School of Art Print Shop

Changes due to Covid-19 (Corona)


For the foreseeble future, SoA Print will be operating as contactless as possible. Customers can no longer enter the shop, or the School of Art building itself. Because of the limited access to the building, we will be conducting most of our business online. Even though there will be less traffic through the shop, we will still be cleaning and sanitizing the shop frequently. Should both of us be in the office at the same time, we will be wearing masks and/or practicing social distancing. Our policies may change as the situation changes. Check back here for the changes.

  • Contactless
    • Online orders
    • Contactless payment only (Mason Money, Credit/Debit Card)
    • Delivery and Curbside Pickup
  • No customers permitted in the building
  • Frequent cleanings of shop
  • Employees social distancing and/or wearing masks in shop
  • Subject to change as we adapt to the changing situation
    • Changes will be posted here and on our Facebook page


We will be physically in the office less frequently. This will not affect email responses, but will affect when we can answer the shop phone. This will also extend turnaround times for printing and limit when we can provide curbside pickup. We will be in the office Mondays to Fridays from 12–5.

If you would like more hands-on help, you can also request a video call via email. These calls will allow us to answer more complex questions and screenshare to aid in our explanations. These calls will need to be scheduled ahead of time and will be done via Zoom.

  • Limited in-office hours
  • Will affect print-turnaround times
  • In-Office Hours
    • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12–5 PM
    • Phone calls, printing, and curbside pickup will be available/done during these times
  • Email Availability
    • Mondays through Fridays from 12–5 PM
    • Video calls with screensharing available upon requests

Ordering/Picking up Prints

Orders must be requested over email (request form found down below). This includes email discussions about the order, order submissions, and file submissions. Payment will also be done online through emailed invoices. You should be able to pay via Mastercard or Visa through the emailed invoice.

As for receiving your print, we can do curb-side pickup free of charge or delivering or shipping the print for an additional charge. *Mason students can get free shipping or delivery on orders over $10 if they provide their G# upon purchase. Please account for these changes extending print turnaround time. At this time, we can also no longer sell supplies to customers, but we are happy to share where you can get similar or identical products.

  • Online Order Requests
  • Payments done through emailed invoices or G#s
  • Only Mason Money, Visa, and Mastercard Accepted
  • Free curbside pickup
  • Delivery and Shipping for an extra fee
    • Mason Students may get fee waived*
  • Supplies currently unavailable for purchase

Online Order Instructions


Figure out if you need an Inkjet or Laser print. We have descriptions of the two types of prints on our price list and down below. If you’re unsure after exploring our site, feel free to contact us with questions or estimated quotes.

Some things to consider are:

  • What do you intend to use this print for?
  • How long do you need the print to last?
  • What is the size of the print you need?
  • Does it need to be double sided?
  • What is your budget?


Select the appropriate order form below. The form will ask you questions such as contact information, paper type, size of the print, deadline (if applicable) and delivery and payment options. You will also be asked to send your file via WeTransfer to at this time. This is to avoid compression of your file.

This is NOT a guarantee that we will print for you. If we feel we cannot meet your deadline or your expectations for your print, we will let you know and inform you of other options that we are aware of.


Await an email from us. We will let you know if we do not feel we can meet your expectations for your print, if we have any questions, or give a price estimate as soon as we can. We will be checking emails Monday through Friday from 12–5.

Once everything has been clarified, we will send you the final invoice. We do not start the printing process until the print has been paid for. Payment must be done via the emailed invoice or via G# (if using Mason Money).

Order Forms

Laser Print Orders

Our color-matched laser prints offer vibrant color at high speed and low cost, making them an excellent choice for posters, cards, proofs, books, and magazines. We generate laser prints up to 12″x18″ on plain (normal printer), coated (glossy) and uncoated (copy/matte) paper stocks. For double-sided printing each side will be charged as a separate print. Each paper size has a 1/4″ margin all around that cannot be printed on (1/2″ from either dimension).

Inkjet Print Orders

Also known as pigment or giclée printing, our inkjet printers print with archival pigment-based inks on acid-free paper, producing museum-grade prints that will not fade or yellow on their own and last a lifetime. Photographs, fine art reproductions, and illustrative pieces come out wonderfully on these prints. We can print large images on our 44″ Canon printer. Each print has a 1″ margin all around that cannot be printed on (2″ from either dimension).

Scan Orders

Due to COVID-19, we will be doing our exchanges online and via curbside pickup. We will only be emailing the digital files to you during this time (no exchanging of flashdrives, etc.)

After filling out the order form, we will look over the details. Then we will contact you via email with a price estimate and any questions we may have. The initial price estimate may differ from the final depending on how long any requested edits take and how many scans we need to fully capture any larger pieces.

If everything is in order, you’ll be able to drop off the pieces you want scanned during our in-office hours (Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 12–5) and give us a call when you are here for us to receive your work. We will take great care and wear gloves when handling your pieces.

Unlike prints, payment will be done AFTER the scan is complete so that we can finalize how many scans were actually required to capture the whole image. Payment will still be done online and invoices will be sent over email, as well as the scanned file. After payment, just schedule a pick-up time and call us to let us know that you have arrived.