Mason School of Art | Faculty & Staff
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Faculty & Staff


Hasan Elahi, Director
Don Starr, Associate Director
Robert Yi, Assistant Director

Administration & Staff

Ben Ashworth, Sculpture Studio Supervisor
Philip Butts, Tech Assistant
Annie Chen, Print Shop Manager
Federica Incerti, Director of Technology for SoA and Cybersecurity for CVPA, Assistant Professor
Maryam Kasmai, Financial Specialist
Jeff Kenney, Exhibitions Specialist
Mary Liles, Office Manager
Elizabeth Kartchner, Dark Room Manager
Liza Saunders, Alumni Engagement, Content and Social Media Specialist


Art Education

Mary Del Popolo, Assistant Professor
Kimberly Sheridan, PhD, Associate Professor
Justin P. Sutters, PhD, Assistant Professor, Director, Master of Arts in Education (MAT)

Graphic Design

ShanShan Cui, Associate Professor
Michael McDermott, Assistant Professor
Jandos Rothstein, Associate Professor
Don Starr, Assistant Professor, Director of Graphic Design


Suzanne Carbonneau, Professor, Director of InterArts
Heather Green, Assistant Professor

New Media

Mark Cooley, Associate Professor, Director of New Media Arts
Edgar Endress, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Programs
Gail Scott White, Professor

Painting and Drawing

Paula Crawford, Associate Professor, Director of Painting
Chawky Frenn, Associate Professor
Maria Karametou, Associate Professor, Director of Drawing
Harold Linton, Professor


J Carrier, Assistant Professor
Sue Wrbican, Associate Professor, Director of Photography


Christopher Kardambikis, Assistant Professor, Director of Printmaking, Director of Navigation Press

Research Faculty

Don Russell, University Curator, Director of Provisions Research Center for Arts and Social Change


Peter Winant, Associate Professor, Director of Sculpture

Studio Foundations

Rachel Debuque, Assistant Professor, Director of Studio Foundations

Part-time Faculty

Kristin Adair – Photography
Ben Ashworth – Sculpture
Jorge Banales
Stephanie Benassi – Photography
Edward Bisese – Studio Foundations
Stephanie Booth – Photography
Eamonn Bourke – Graphic Design
Adam Bradley – Sculpture
Virginia Brinn – Art Education
Kelly Carr – Photography
Asma Chaudhary – New Media
Catherine Cole – Printmaking
Steven Cushner – Painting and Drawing
Brian Davis – Studio Foundations
Vassiliki Deliyianni
Elsabe Dixon – Studio Foundations
Danielle Wayne Dravenstadt
Kathleen Durkin
Tori Ellison – Studio Foundations
Emily Fussner – Printmaking
Roxana Geffen – InterArts
Natalie Guerrieri – Studio Foundations
Rick Heffner – Graphic Design
James Hicks – Graphic Design
Jordan Higgins – Graphic Design
Xang Ho – Photography
Malcolm Jones
Jessica Kallista – InterArts
Melissa Katie Kehoe – Photography
Jeff Kenney – Photography
Elizabeth Lessner – Studio Foundations
Jennifer Lillis
Wade McComas – Graphic Design
Ryan McCoy – Painting and Drawing
Brant Nesbitt – Graphic Design
Jenna North – Studio Foundations
Melvin Parada – Graphic Design
Pete Petrine – Painting and Drawing
Justin Plakas
James Quigley – Graphic Design
Doris “Reese” Quinones – Graphic Design
Zachary Rhoades – New Media
Jennifer J Sakai
Iris Sanchez – Graphic Design
Erik Sandberg – Drawing
Pat Sargent – Printmaking
Rahshia Sawyer – Photography
Lynne Smyers – Graphic Design
Jocelyn Crystal Tafalla – Graphic Design
James Van Meer – Graphic Design
Will Wheeler – Studio Foundations
Andy Yoder – Studio Foundations
Paul Zdepski