Mason School of Art | Carlos Pacheco
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Carlos Pacheco

Carlos Pacheco
Adjunct Professor
Digital Practices, New Media, Photography
Art and Design Building; MSN: 1C3
(703) 993-5501

As a young astronomy student, Carlos Rene Pacheco became disenchanted with applied physics and mathematics and exchanged his view through a telescope for a view through a camera lens. This was a transformational experience, and he soon reconciled his passion for scientific exploration with his investigation of the photographic medium.

Through this filter, Pacheco explores issues of memory, technology, science, and photographic archives in his work. In 2011, Pacheco received his BFA with an emphasis in Photography from the University of Arizona in Tucson, and, in 2014, he received his MFA in Photography + Integrated Media from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.  Pacheco continues to exhibit his work nationally and internationally in galleries and museums and has been featured on PetaPixel and HuffPost.