Mason School of Art | Mahogany M. Goodman (Murray)
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Mahogany M. Goodman (Murray)

Mahogany M. Goodman (Murray)
Adjunct Professor
New Media in the Creative Arts
Art and Design Building; MSN: 1C3
(703) 993-8898

Mel Parada received his MFA with a concentration in graphic design from George Mason’s School of Art & Design in 2018. He currently serves as the owner and creative director of Spek Studio based out of Dayton, Ohio. The studio provides print & digital design solutions to small businesses and corporate clients.
Mel also maintains a fine arts practice where he creates “abstract typography art.” Working across various mediums, he begins all of his creations through graphic design and type design, then brings these concepts to life through printmaking techniques such as screenprinting and letterpress, as well as painting and sculpture.