Mason School of Art | Vassiliki Deliyianni
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Vassiliki Deliyianni

Vassiliki Deliyianni
Adjunct Faculty
Art and Design Building; MSN: 1C3
(703) 993-8898

Vasia Deliyianni is an educator, curator, and practicing artist based in Washington, DC, and working internationally.  She is presently teaching at George Mason University (GMU) and The University of District of Columbia (UDC).  She has taught and worked in Europe, the USA, Africa, and Latin America, including for the World Bank, the Smithsonian, the National Gallery of Art, and numerous embassies and museums. She has double BFAs in Painting and Art History from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, and an MFA in Museum Studies and Exhibition/Lighting Design from George Washington University in Washington, DC. She is committed to “using art and design as another key to communication for understanding”, and “art for conflict resolution”, promoting world peace and development.