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Mason Near You

National Portfolio Day

In addition to on campus in-person reviews we also attend National Portfolio Day events at various venues across the country. The National Portfolio Day Association has moved all events online for the Fall 2020 season to support students, parents, teachers/educators, and counselors during these challenging times. You can register for the event(s) here.

This year you can participate in any/ all 16 National Portfolio Day events from September to December 2020.

The Mason School of Art will be attending the following virtual National Portfolio Day events:

  • Saturday September 19, 2020 – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Sunday October 04, 2020 – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Saturday October 10, 2020 – Houston, Texas
  • Sunday October 24, 2020 – New York, New York
  • Sunday November 01, 2020 – DC (Fairfax, Virginia)
  • Saturday December 05, 2020 – Sarasota, Florida