Mason School of Art | New AVT Course Offerings
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New AVT Course Offerings

New AVT Course Offerings for SPRING 2023

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For any questions about the class specifically reach out to the Professor, for any advising questions reach out to your advisor.

If your last name begins with A-K:

Advisor- Robert Yi (

Last name begins with L-Z:

Advisor- Nicole Pietrucha (

AVT 328
3 Credits
Mixed Media
Tuesday, 10:30-1:10 PM
Instructor: Wanda Raimundi- Ortiz –

Students investigate the contemporary innovations and disciplinary cross-pollination which have revolutionized and expanded the boundaries of traditional fine arts. Projects incorporate text, sound, computer-generated imagery, collaboration, and installation.

AVT 496
3 Credits
Arabic Calligraphy
Tuesday, 4:30- 7:10 PM
Instructor: Abdulrahman Naanseh-

Arabic calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting Arabic script in a fluid manner to convey harmony, grace, and beauty. In this course, students will be introduced to Arabic Calligraphy as an art form and instructed by CVPA’s visiting artist Abdulrahman Naanseh. Knowledge of Arabic is not required.


AVT 496
3 Credits
Feminist Artists of African Diaspora
Tuesday, 1:30-4:10 PM
Instructor: Zoe Charlton-

The class content and structure of Feminist Artists of the African Diaspora (FAAD). This course is artist-centric (or artist-centered)—artists as author, activist, artist-scholar, or artist-provocateur. This semester, the artwork primarily of Black artists in the Caribbean, the United States, and throughout the African continent introduces us to a broad and rich understanding of Black Feminisms. Consider FAAD an introduction to the broad world of art and the creative practices of artists of the African Diaspora. We will learn about artists with diverse, prolific, and thoughtful practices. Then we will utilize what we understand from those artists in the creation of an original, and personal, cultural response to activate the ideas presented and theoretical or historical frameworks discussed.

AVT 309
3 Credits
Art as Social Action
Wednesday, 4:30-7:10 PM
Instructor: Ben Ashworth-

Interdisciplinary exploration of work by citizen-artists whose art-making engages the social world. Students learn about the history of socially engaged art-making and experiment with individual and collaborative projects addressing social issues.

AVT 337
3 Credits
Figurative Painting
Monday, 1:30-4:10 PM
Instructor: Erik T Sandberg-

Working primarily with live models, students explore the human form as the main subject for a variety of visual and expressive inquiries.

AVT 496
3 Credits
Digital Printing Techniques
Tuesday, 4:30- 7:10 PM
Instructor: Catherine Cole-

A beginning course in hand printing digitally processed images. Projects focus on electronic means of creating and manipulating imagery. Students achieve skills in multiple steps and incremental development required in making prints.


AVT 496
3 Credits
Woodworking & Furniture Design
Thursday, 10:30-1:10 PM
Instructor: Cristian Wicha-

This course is designed for students with an interest in woodworking and furniture design. The fundamentals of both traditional and contemporary design are explored. Taking cues from historical and contemporary movements, students will have the ability to construct a work of their own design. Over the course of the semester, students will work with the instructor on the design and building of their own piece of furniture. Instruction in the usage and techniques of both machine and hand tools are covered in conjunction with the execution of the finished piece.

AVT 496
3 Credits
Forensic Figure Sculpture
Tuesday, 4:30- 7:10 PM
Instructor: Larry N Mullins-

This course utilizes current technique-of highly marketable skills- used by Forensic artists in aiding investigators to identify skeletal remains. This course integrates the art and science that have to come together to make this a successful process of giving these victims their names back