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Visual Voices

Buzz Spector: I stack things. I tear stuff up.

Visual Voices will be virtual for Fall 2020.

Visual Voices, a professional lecture series sponsored by the School of Art, invites nationally recognized visiting artists and designers to speak about their work and the world of art and design.

Visual Voices Colloquium is the Professional Lecture Series of the School of Art and represents a window into the professional world of art and design. Speakers are chosen with faculty guidance to represent leading and emerging talented practitioners, as well as artists whose work lies beyond the subject areas of the program offerings.

The purpose of the course and the program is to broaden students’ exposure and vocabulary to professional work being created today. It will also provide an opportunity for Mason School of Art students to interact with speakers via a virtual Q&A for Fall 2020 following their lecture, giving them the chance to exchange ideas and pose questions to the guest speakers.

For Fall 2020, all lectures will be presented virtually and are free and available to be viewed by the public.

For more information, please contact, Harold Linton.

Fall 2020 Schedule

All lectures are presented virtually at 7:30 PM

The lectures will premiere at the dates indicated below on this webpage. Please expand the artists’ names and the videos will appear on their air date.

September 10, 2020 - D. Dominick Lombardi: 'Resilience and Focus'

Call of Nature, 2015, Dominick LombardiD. Dominick Lombardi is an artist, writer and curator, represented by Kim Foster Gallery, New York, NY and Prince Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark. He often exhibits and curates shows at a variety of institutions including Lichtundfire and Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York City and the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL.

Find out more and see the artist’s work.

Image left: Call of Nature, 2015, by Dominick Lombardi, © 2020


September 24 - Steve Rost: 'Channeling the Flâneur and other stories'

Architecture photo by Steve Rost, 2020Steven Rost is the Department Chair of Art and Design and professor in the College of Architecture and Design, where he has been teaching for nearly 33 years. Steven is a graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art (MFA 1982), University of Denver (BSBA 1975) and attended Minneapolis College of Art and Design (1978/80).

Find out more and see the artist’s work.

Photo: Architecture photo by Steve Rost © 2020.


October 8, 2020 - Agustina Woodgate: 'Critical Circulation'

Cosmetica, 2017 by Augustina Woodgate

Agustina Woodgate (Buenos Aires, 1981) is an artist and researcher investigating public and civic spaces through situated practices. She focuses on the study of systems, the theories of values and the design logics operating in the built environment shaping society.

Projects like Concrete poetry and are forms of urban investigations on publishing as a spatializing practice. She traces new mappings dissolving the political limits that organize paradigms, unifies languages, and creates pieces from the discarded surplus of capitalism. She is interested in the ways infrastructure, tools  and information technologies reprogram the geography and people’s experience of everyday public life, and in how design and citizens can shape the conjunctions therein.

Her work has been included in the 2019 Whitney Biennial, New York; IX Berlin Biennial, IV Istanbul Design Biennial; New Terrains, The Bay Area;  Bienal de las Américas, Denver; PlayPublik, Poland; Peabody Essex Museum, Massachusetts, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Washington amongst others.

Find out more and see the artist’s work.

Image: Cosmetica, 2017, by Agustina Woodgate, © 2020.

This event was a LIVE radio broadcast on Agustina’s channel Woodgate was joined by Stephanie Sherman (collaborator and co-founder of, Don Russell (University Curator at Mason), and Amanda Sanfillippo Long (curator at Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places). During the radio show, she played clips of past shows as well as spoke with guests about Radioee, her current exhibit up at Mason, and her public works. (Radio Espacio Estacion) is a nomadic, multi-lingual, online radio station hosting 24-hr marathon transmissions about mobility and movement. Their broadcasts explore topics of communication, migration, and transportation through conversation, music, and sound, often while on the move. 

Click on the “Listen Now” button below to access the archive of the radio broadcast.

October 22, 2020 - Adriana Ospina: 'Working at the Art Museum of the Americas - Latin America and Diplomacy'

Adriana Ospina curator at AMAAdriana Ospina is the Curator of the Permanent Collection and Educational programs at the Art Museum of the Americas. Her first major curatorial project was a traveling exhibition based on AMA’s collection, Converging Cultures: Asian Diasporas and Latin American & Caribbean Art, 1945-Present. For this project AMA partnered with International Arts and Artists. She also organized a symposium on the occasion of the centennial of AMA’s founding director José Gómez-Sicre’s birth. This program sought to juxtapose Gómez-Sicre’s promotion of Cuban art in the 1940s with the efforts of scholars, modern and contemporary art museums and other institutions, both in Cuba and the United States, in support of contemporary Cuban art.

Find out more and see the artist’s work.

Image: Adriana Ospina, curator at Art Museum of the Americas

Past Speakers have included:

  • Anne Harris
  • Dean Kessmann
  • Kevin Wyllie
  • Alyce Myatt
  • Barry Nemett
  • R.G. Brown
  • Karen Kunc
  • Lynell Burmark
  • Lucy Lippard
  • Krzysztof Wodiczko
  • Steve Heller
  • Rusty Smith
  • W.C. Richardson
  • William Dunlap
  • Lori Nix
  • Robert Whitman
  • Steve Kurtz
  • James Elkins
  • Ellen Lupton
  • Pyllis Rosenzweig
  • Terry Barret
  • Kuiyi Shen
  • Renee Stout
  • Sam Gilliam
  • John Moore
  • Bill Christenberry
  • Carrie and Kevin Burke.

Image at top of page: Buzz Spector: I stack things. I tear stuff up.