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The Art and Design building, designed by Ayers Saint Gross, is a $25 million, 88,000-square-foot, award-winning facility, which houses all School of Art studio instructional areas.

The facility nearly doubled the amount of space dedicated to studios, shops, and lecture classrooms and expanded gallery and exhibition preparation facilities. The introduction of Internet2 technology in lecture halls and studio spaces provides global opportunities for students to participate in and collaborate with artists on national and international projects, competitions, critiques, and discussions. Ayers Saint Gross, who lives in Washington, D.C., earned recognition with three distinctive awards for the design of the facility:

  • The American Institute of Architects Baltimore, Maryland, 2008 Exceptional Design Award;
  • the Honor Award for Design Excellence—2010 Fairfax County Exceptional Design Awards;
  • and the 2010 American Institute of Architects Potomac Valley Design Award.

Computer Labs

Graphic Design classes take place exclusively in Mason’s Macintosh-based design labs.  Fully loaded with industry-standard print and web design software.  New Media offers cutting edge technology contextualized within the broad arena of contemporary art practices, including video art, performance, digital animation, and internet art. Studios are equipped with Mac Pro Computers with 30” displays and loaded with a wide range of current mainstream software programs covering video and sound editing, 2D and 3D animation, web development, image-making and interactivity.  New Media Art students also have the opportunity to work in the New Media Arts Experimental Lab.

Painting and Drawing Studios

Painting/Drawing is housed in a suite of individual painting and drawing studios on the top floor of the Art & Design Building. The painting and drawing programs embrace a wide variety of practices, rooted both in historical precedent and cutting edge contemporary issues.

Photography Labs

Photography features two Apple Mac Pro based labs for both traditional and digital practices, a large Black and White Darkroom with 18 Beseler 45MXT enlargers capable of printing from 35mm to large format negatives, color facility featuring a Kreonite color processor, traditional color enlarger and laser printing equipment capable of creating 30” x 40” color photographs, and a mural printing area, for both the honing of craft and the development of conceptual frameworks.

Printmaking Studios

Printmaking is housed in a fully equipped printmaking studio, and offers its students a full range of printmaking techniques and practices, as well as opportunities for collaboration.  4,200 sq. ft. of fully equipped studios for paper, printmaking and book arts.

  • Brand and Takach etching presses; Takach litho press
  • Nuarc platemaker and washout unit for screenprinting
  • 2 lb. Reina Hollander beater
  • Vacuum table, drybox and various papermaking moulds up to 4’ x 8’
  • Hydraulic platen press, size 34’ x 42”
  • Kutrimmer and hand tools for bookmaking
  • Access to digital media
  • Designated graduate printmaking studio
  • Risograph RZ590 for rapid production of prints, posters, zines and books

Sculpture Studio

Sculpture offers a large, fully equipped shop, in which a wide variety of activities are embraced; woodworking studio, metal fabrication studio, a large outside work courtyard, and access to digital media.  Students also have the opportunity to exhibit and install temporary works throughout the Fairfax campus.

School of Art Print Studio

The School of Art Print Studio is digital fine art print studio located in George Mason University’s Art and Design Building. Although we focus primarily on Mason students and faculty, we also offer our printing and scanning services to the greater DC Metro area.

Our services are geared towards printing archival photos, archival paintings, design portfolios, and more using our high quality canon printers and variety of paper types. As a not-for-profit studio, we work hard to give you the best deal around. Here you can use our color-calibrated lobby monitors to preview what your finished prints will look like and receive assistance from our trained staff.

School of Art Print Shop
Art and Design Building, Room 1011
(703) 993-7203

The Green Studio

Located on the grounds of the George Mason University’s Art and Design Campus, the Green Studio offers students a living studio in which to creatively explore the interdependence of cultural and biological systems. The Green Studio exists, as any working art studio does, in constant flux and develops organically through the relationship artists form with the ecology of the site.

Provisions Library

Provisions Library investigates the relationship between art and social change through research, production, and education.

From its library home in George Mason University’s School of Art in Fairfax, Virginia and at sites throughout the District, Provisions produces and supports projects in the US Capitol Region and across the globe.

Located on the ground level of the George Mason University’s Art and Design Building, Provisions Library’s art and culture research explores models for a more inclusive, equitable, and connected society.  Provisions partners with organizations, individuals, and institutions to develop and amplify contemporary narratives across cultures, support grassroots modes of action, and provide open access to knowledge and understanding of social change in its artistic and creative dimensions. The library, public programming, and research opportunities host artistic, intellectual, and activist endeavors that explore the educational and social promise of contemporary culture.  Local, national, and international projects include exhibitions, public art, residencies, screenings, workshops, lectures, and publications. Participants include artists, activists, academics, students, professionals from a variety of disciplines, and everyday people.


Don Russell
Director, Provisions Library for Art and Social Change
Art and Design Building, Room L001
4400 University Drive, MS 1C3
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Phone: 202-670-PROV (7768)

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