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Live Movies

A Live Movie is a hybrid performance practice that draws on visual art, cinema, theater and music, employing new and emerging technologies in projection, sound, lighting, scenography, animatronics and interactivity.


Live Movies cross disciplinary divides, and bend media into new forms of creative expression. They rethink conventional codes and practices, and reshape time and space, embarking on collaborative investigations of the interrelationships between simulated mediascapes and the live humans who create and inhabit them.

Cinematic and visual “literacy” have prepared today’s audience for new forms of narrative and performance. In response to such perceptual evolution, this LIVE MOVIES book is constructed as an introductory field guide to the theory and practice of new media for the disciplines of performance art, theater, opera, dance and music. It is also intended for artists and organizations who create exhibitions, installations, films, spectacles and any number of other projects that rely on, and are exploring, new media for live performance. In addition, this book addresses the general reader who is curious about the interplay among humans, machines, information systems and culture(s).

The book LIVE MOVIES was funded by a multi-year Resources for Change grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. In addition to presenting the history, theory, production and practice of Live Movies, it documents several interdisciplinary collaborations among students and faculty from the School of Art, with guest artists, and artists and scholars from Theater, Music, Dance, Film and Video, English, Computer Science, and many other areas of study and practice. These artists and scholars entwine new media and live performance, casting light on the ways they shape and re-configure our world.

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LIVE MOVIES Table of Contents

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