Mason School of Art | Justin Sutters
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Justin Sutters

Justin P. Sutters, PhD
Assistant Professor, Art Education
Director, Master of Arts in Education (MAT)
2009 Art and Design Building; MSN: 1C3
(703) 993-4375

Dr. Sutters was a K-12 art educator in an urban school district for seven years and also taught for two years in São Paulo, Brazil. He completed his undergraduate and masters degree from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania and attained his doctorate degree from the Ohio State University receiving national recognition for his dissertation. Since, he has been an Assistant Professor and currently is the Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program in Art Education at George Mason University.

He has presented his research at the state, national and international level and is published in numerous peer-reviewed journals. He served as the Chair of the Professional Learning through Research (PLR) working group of the National Art Education Association’s Research Commission and in other capacities within NAEA. He is on the review board of Art Education and Visual Arts Research (VAR) and has been a contributing member of the Data Visualization Working Group. His research focuses on pre-service practices, teacher licensure, national demography data, comparative studies/Brazilian studies, and theories pertaining to space and place. In 2019, he received a large grant from the National Art Education Foundation pertaining to his academic genealogy project and data visualization.

He teaches both practicum courses in the program and also mentors on students on their research capstone. His studio practice and background currently centers around printmaking and he co-teaches a summer graduate course called Print/Paper/Books. He also is the School of Art Liaison and an Advisory Board Member for the Mason Community Arts Academy, where he also teachings Portfolio Preparation courses in the summer for high school students.