Mason School of Art | Art Across the Sea- Yen Tran
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Art Across the Sea- Yen Tran

Art Across the Sea- Yen Tran

Art Across the Sea

This summer there are quite a few Mason School of Art Faculty/ Students who are working on art Internationally!

Let’s highlight another amazing artist and the work she is doing.

If you are exhibiting and would like to share your work, DM us!

Artist Yen Tran is interning in Argentina this summer. A big pivot from her original plan!

According to Tran, “The original internship program I applied for was in a different country, but things did not go as planned, so I ended up in Argentina last minute. However, it turned out to be one of the best summers I’ve ever had!

I just finished my 8-week internship program last week. I worked for a marketing agency where I mostly collaborated with the marketing team to produce articles and blog posts; helped with color correction, retouched product photos and portraits. What I liked the most about my workplace is the work environment. Because I don’t speak Spanish, I thought it would be difficult for me to get along with my coworkers. However, everyone was very friendly, always happy to help, and kept making sure that I felt comfortable there.

My program is called Road2Argentina. So aside from work, we normally have activities every week to visit different places in Buenos Aires or try out Argentinian food to learn more about the country, the culture, and the cuisine here.

Overall, this is my first time traveling alone to another country, but I feel safe here knowing that the program, my friends, and coworkers are always ready to help and support me along the way. So, if anyone is thinking about studying or having an internship abroad, don’t hesitate because you won’t be alone, and it is really worth it. .”

What an amazing opportunity! Check out our IG for the full post.

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