Mason School of Art | “Body Ownership in Virtual Reality” with Stephanie Kane
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“Body Ownership in Virtual Reality” with Stephanie Kane

“Body Ownership in Virtual Reality” with Stephanie Kane

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Please join us tomorrow, April 14th at noon for the last Speaker Series event for the Spring.  Stephanie Kane will be discussing “Body Ownership in Virtual Reality.”

Transgender individuals have always been using the digital world to explore their gender identity in a safe way, protected from the various biases and discrimination in the world. By using the brain’s concept of body ownership afforded by virtual reality, with special attention paid to new methods of gender-affirming therapy, we can continue to give transgender and gender non-conforming individuals a chance to explore their gender and identity in a safe, non-judgmental, guided way, helping questioning individuals to discover their identity in a more kinesthetic way.

Stephanie Kane, Research Coordinator, started at George Mason University as an undergraduate student and earned a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2008, focusing on the Cold War. After working at Mason for more than 9 years, she found her passion in research in video games. She has worked on numerous research projects for the VSGI, contributed to the book Video Games and Personalized Learning to be published in 2021, and is currently earning her Master of Arts in Computer Game Design, expected to finish in 2021, focusing on the phenomenon of Body Ownership in Virtual Reality and how it can be used in gender-affirming therapy for transgender patients.

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