Mason School of Art | Illustrator Sprint, A quick-draw Competition!
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Illustrator Sprint, A quick-draw Competition!

Illustrator Sprint, A quick-draw Competition!

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Ready, set, draw! In this fast-paced, hilarious sketch showdown, four illustrators compete for audience votes as they complete wacky prompts given to them by host R. Sikoryak. Sikoryak is a cartoonist and author of the graphic novels Constitution Illustrated, The Unquotable Trump, Masterpiece Comics and Terms and Conditions. This event is brought to you by Fall for the Book.

This event will include a fast-paced, hilarious sketch showdown, where four illustrators will compete for audience votes and complete wacky prompts given to them by host R. Sikoryak. Please join us alongside contestants Brian Michael Weaver, Ann Xu, Ursula Murray Husted, and Maëlle Doliveux for a night of fun, artistry, and friendly competition!

Meet the creative competitors (in their own words):

Brian Michael Weaver is the totally tubular illustrator of such groovy graphic novels as the Joey Fly, Private Eye series, and writer of the mondo bodacious picture book Do NOT Build a Frankenstein!

Ann Xu is an Ignatz-nominated cartoonist and illustrator working in Baltimore. She is the illustrator of Measuring Up and upcoming graphic novel Shadow Life.

Ursula Murray Husted teaches comics at the University of Wisconsin Stout and lives in Minneapolis with her partner, their daughter, two cats, and many, many books. You can learn more at

Maëlle Doliveux is a French and Swiss illustrator who has lived all over the world, from New Jersey to New Zealand. In her spare time she enjoys chess-boxing, loose-rope walking, and making up fake hobbies for herself in her biographies.

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